Staying Sharp in a Cutthroat Industry

Distinguishing yourself from the crowd is vital to making a name in the graphic design world. When it comes to me, I do what it takes to stand out, and take no prisoners.


About Me

My name is Liam Vaughan and I am a freelance graphic designer based out of Huntington Beach, CA. I chose a career in graphic design because of my passion for it and what I can bring to the table. I view graphic design as storytelling and all the elements that make it up as the words on a page. It is the job of a graphic designer to bring these elements together in an effective way to communicate with the audience and tell them the story of a company, product, or service. With my wide array of skills, I am capable of breathing life into design with a human-centric approach that speaks to people, which can be seen through my projects.

Adaptable    —    Meticulous     —     Resourceful     —     Determined     —     Organized

With a wide array of experience in graphic design for both the physical and digital mediums, I can handle whatever it is you need me to do. I am experienced in knowing how to communicate through design, whether that be through color theory, typography, or other graphic design principles.

Softwares Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign

In this day and age, having a website is vital to keeping up with the competition in this digital world, and I can help you create and maintain your very own website. From sitemaps and wire-framing to building and managing websites, I have experience in every step of the process and am ready to assist you in making your website come to life.

Softwares Used: Adobe XD, Figma, Wordpress, Elementor, Webflow, Auctria, HTML, CSS

If you want to stand out against the competition, having a good branding identity is important to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Having built brands from the ground up, I know how to effectively communicate your personality and values through your brand to connect with the right target audience.

Softwares Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, LiveSurface

What I Can Do For You

With years of experience, I have taken on a wide variety of graphic design projects in different settings, and have learned to adapt and problem solve when I encounter roadblocks.  From logos and advertisements, to websites and brand identities, whatever you need me to do, I am fully capable of getting the job done and satisfying your needs.


Below are a few sample projects that best showcase my skill and expertise in various fields, categorized by field.

Graphic Design

Cooper Hewitt Publication

A print publication showcasing the Plastics exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York. Consisting of 5 pages, this publication guides people through purpose of the exhibition, and displays the different objects that can be found in it.  

EarthFair 2021 Posters

A series of posters made to promote the Earthworks' 2021 Earthfair. With three posters in total, this series utilizes nature imagery, both from photographs and illustrations to drive home what the Earthfair is about: taking care of the world around us.

Typographic Book Cover

A typographic book cover of Stephen King's Under The Dome. Typography is a powerful too that can be used to convey certain ideas and emotions without the need for illustration, and this cover utilizes that to communicate one of the main themes of the book.

Freelance Logos

Various logos I have designed over the years. A logo is vital to a company or brand's image, as it is a strong indicator for what kind of company or brand it is. Crafting a logo that accurately reflects the values and personality a company or brand has takes a lot of time and research, and I am fully capable of making that happen for you.

Product Infographic

An infographic slideshow for a neck massager. When looking for products on sites like Amazon, it's important to not only catch people's attention, but also deliver accurate and relevant information to the consumer, so having a balance of both is key to successfully marketing a product.

Church T-shirt & Tote Designs

A series of mockups for church merchandise. These designs were created for a charity event that a church was hosting, where proceeds from the shirts would go to charity, but the designs were never picked.

Web Design

Marketing Blog Website

A blog-style website, along with an email marketing concept. Being able to not only know how to build a website from the ground up, but also be able to market it is a valuable asset, one that I can provide for you.

Web Design Projects

Various web design projects I have worked on over the years. From style guides and site maps to wire-framing and prototype builds, I have worked on every step of the web design process, so you can rest assured that I can provide you with the most seamless experience when designing a website.

Church Website

A website made for a church in the San Diego area. From start to finish, I worked on building and designing this website all on my own, grappling with many obstacles on the way, obstacles that I overcame with ease.


Museum Rebrand

A proposed rebrand for the National Museum of Qatar. Conducting research, creating designs and mockups, and compiling it all together into a cohesive brand manual are all parts of the branding process to make a brand not only stand out, but also to showcase a brand's persona.  

Cafe Safari Brand Identity

A brand identity for a coffee shop situated in the San Diego Zoo. When crafting a brand identity, understanding the values and personality of a brand is vital to creating an identity that both looks appealing and conveys what the brand is really about, and I am fully capable of doing that for you.

Personal Brand

My personal brand identity. Brands aren't only meant for companies and products, but for people as well. Understanding the nuances between these kinds of branding is important in order to effectively market, nuances that I am familiar with and can help you navigate when creating your brand.