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Rebrand a global cultural museum. Use a comprehensive design process including research, analysis, business strategy, and organization to create a brand identity program. Design the primary identity and apply to a variety of media brand touch points. Then design a brand manual to specify how to publish, and fabricate elements of the brand identity system. This guides how branded marketing materials are conceived and produced in the future.
In order to establish a deeper connection to the people of Qatar, the museum was given the new name “The People’s Museum of Qatar”, and built the brand around this. The final logo comes from a picture of the museum itself, and the shape doubles as a Q and a P, signifying the connection between people and the nation of Qatar that is expressed in this museum. The color scheme involves both the flag of Qatar and the neutral tones of the museum building itself.
Blurb 8.5” x 11” multi page publication and digital publication on issuu.com
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