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Cooper Hewitt
Design a promotional print publication to help the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt Museum promote a collection of your choice. Assess the message and do research to inform your design direction. Use Adobe InDesign to create dynamic type, image and message in a visually engaging way. Use design principles with type (use paragraph and character styles), image, and a modular grid to arrange all elements. Design multiple iterations and refine. Think about the user experience to inform all design choices.
The collection chosen for the print publication was the Plastics collection, which includes many different types of antiques made from plastic, ranging from furniture to knickknacks. After analyzing all the collection had to offer, the objects were separated into five categories, and listed a few of the items the collection had to offer according to this. For titles of sections, a tortoiseshell pattern was used, which is found in a lot of the plastic items in this collection, to create a sense of cohesion throughout the print publication.
Newspaper Club tabloid newsprint (289mm x 380mm) and digital publication on issuu.com
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